About Mandala Buddhist Association

Mandala Buddhist Association Mission:

Mandala Buddhist Association Core Values:

“Sincerity, Solid, Innovation, Devotion, Spread the Dharma”

Mandala Buddhist Association Principles:

Mandala Buddhist Association focuses on the essence of Dharma tradition, in order to maintain and foster a more peaceful world, the association compassionately unites and cares all the nationalities (including but not limited to Asian, African, European, American and Oceanian).

Mandala Buddhist Association Positioning Statement:

  • To develop a mutual aid platform that is charitable, point to point, and based on Dharma philosophy, therefore, to help and improve the infrastructure (including living condition, educational condition, medical condition) of the poverty;
  • To establish a constructive learning platform for Dharma practitioners to study Dharma.

Mandala Buddhist Association Internet Platform Core Values:

“Transparency; Safe; Trustworthiness; Allocating specific funds to specific purposes; Point-to-point; Simplicity; Personalization.”

Mandala Buddhist Association Services:

  • Dharma courses;
  • Dharma activities;
  • Educational projects;
  • Medical projects;
  • Environmental projects.

About Mandala Buddhist Association:

Mandala Buddhist Association, located at 27 Powells Lane, Old Westbury, NY, is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It was initiated and founded by Steven Harold Jorchen in 1997. In 2014, after fifteen-year of relocation, modification and expansion, the monastery is finally reached to a scale.

Mandala Temple has a history of 15 years, it was the the first monastery that built with a unique Tibetan architectural style (a blend of Nepalese and Tang Dynasty styles) in the U.S.. Mandala Temple integrates various styles of Buddha statues and sacred objects, including Tibetan style, Chinese style, Nepalese style, and Indian style.  The main hall of the temple houses Shakyamuni Buddha statue, 61 of Buddha and Protector statues, as well as 18 of precious Thangka painting

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